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IBS(Industrialized Building System)工业化建筑系统培训为广州城建职业学院现代建筑技术职业技能公共实训中心提供的优质综合培训,该中心是国家级基地,是第45届世界技能大赛混凝土建筑项目的中国培训基地,2019年我校2名学生获得该项目世界金牌。


IBS training

Cooperation intention: Building overseas "IBS training center"

Cooperation mode: GZCCC provides courses, instructors, training venues, software and hardware facilities; the foreign party is responsible for recruiting students.

IBS (industrial building system) Industrialized building system training is a high-quality comprehensive training provided by GZCCC’s Modern Building Technology Vocational Skills Public Training Center. This center is a national-level base for concrete construction projects of the 45th World Skills Competition. Two of our students, in 2019, won the world gold medal in the project.

Industrial building system (IBS) is a very important and effective way for modern building construction. Its main advantages are: shortening construction time, reducing construction cost, reducing environmental pollution and conserving building materials. IBS training courses provided by our school are very mature and can be taught in both Chinese and English. This base is also the most comprehensive IBS training base in China. In October 2019, the first "Industrial Building System (IBS) Talent Training Course" was held for 24 teachers and students from the School of Civil Engineering, Kuala Lumpur Construction University, Malaysia.


All projectscan be carried out for Teachers’ training and students’ training, and the training content and time will be determined through consultation on a case by case basis.


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